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The best reseller hosting providers in the test & tariff comparison:
Reseller hosting has become more and more interesting in the last two to three years. Just a few years ago, reseller hosting was only for companies that wanted to make a lot of money to market hosting solutions.

Today it is no longer a problem for independent web designers and small marketing agencies to act as a web hosting provider in the hosting market without incurring large costs. Our free reseller hosting test and rate comparison will help you choose the right partner. In reseller hosting the choice of partner is one of the most important points and should not be taken lightly under any circumstances.

Because the choice of the right reseller hosting partner is about services you get for your money and especially the cost of domains should be an important point. Compare the best reseller hosting providers now and quickly find the right partner for your entry into the world of web hosting providers.

The best reseller hosting providers in test and comparison

What does reseller hosting cost per month? The best reseller hosting providers in test and comparison. Find the right hosting partner for your reseller hosting project in just a few minutes. Our reseller hosting experts have thoroughly tested the best reseller hosting providers. Among others we tested the hosting providers Alfahosting, DomainFactory, Lahno Webhosting, Profi1, Servado, Serverprofis and Xentos. So you will only find the best and most renowned reseller hosting in our test and comparison.

With their inexpensive reseller packages or programs, the web hosting providers provide you with your infrastructure and give you the opportunity to sell your own web hosting solutions to customers. This is not only particularly interesting if you want to enter the web hosting business completely, but also if you want to offer your customers everything from a single source. Decide today for one of the reseller hosting providers and start your own webhosting business immediately.

What is important in reseller hosting?

One of the most important points in reseller hosting is the maximum number of customers. The number of customers you can manage is limited to a certain number with almost all reseller hosting providers. Therefore, make sure that the reseller offers a maximum number of customers that fits your plans.

The storage space is not quite so important, because usually 2 to 5 GB web space is sufficient for a website. More important however is the traffic and whether you can divide the incl. traffic arbitrarily on your customers. The best is certainly a traffic flatrate, here you should make sure that there is no speed limit above a certain GB number.

What else do I need to know about reseller hosting?

Certainly, the price for reseller hosting is also an important decision criterion. Because the cheaper the web hosting from your partner, the better prices you can offer your customers. It is also important to choose the right reseller hosting package for your profit. However, the price should not be the most important factor when making a decision. The service and performance offered by the reseller hosting provider is at least as important.

A good and fast customer service is for a large part of the customers today the main criterion when choosing a web hosting provider. In addition, the web host should offer a domain robot. Thus you have the possibility to register new domains for your customers independently and quickly. Especially if you are just beginning to sell web hosting solutions to your customers, you should pay attention to the shortest possible contract period with the reseller hosting provider. This allows you to quickly switch to another provider in case of problems.

The most popular reseller hosting providers at a glance

In the case of reseller packages or programs, the infrastructure is provided by a web host and you can fully concentrate on the sale of the web hosting service. This is only interesting if you want to set up a web hosting company yourself, but also if you are a web designer or a marketing agency. By selling webhosting solutions, you can offer your customers added value and service from a single source.

However, you should not disregard the additional time expenditure. All reseller hosting providers in our test and tariff comparison offer explicit reseller packages or a reseller program on your website and were rated good or better by other customers in our community survey.

How do I find the right reseller hosting provider?

Choosing the right reseller hosting provider is one of the most important things. Through the partner you work with, you set the course for the future. Each of the reseller hosting providers in our test has advantages and disadvantages and not every hosting provider fits your plans.

Especially when it comes to the user point, i.e. the maximum number of customers you can have, you should already think in advance about which of the providers and which of the tariffs best suits you.

Alfahosting scored best in our reseller hosting test. Alfahosting not only offers space for up to 500 customers, but also has good prices when it comes to domains. The costs for the reseller hosting packages are within normal limits and offer a good price-performance ratio. But also the other hosting providers in our test offer good performance at a small price.

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