Avoidable Mistakes from Webhosting Providers

If you act like most entrepreneurs, then your website represents at least part of your income and if there are problems with web hosting, this can affect your net profit. There’s nothing worse than a web hosting company that’s down without warning or explanation, takes too long to fix problems, can’t secure your site, or offers overpriced extras.

You buy the service. The service quality makes or breaks your web hosting experience. Buying a service is a completely different purchase from buying a valuable item.

#1- No review of hosting ratings

You have landed on the website of a hosting company and their packages sound like a dream – almost too good to be true. This should be your first red flag. But even if the offer is similar to that of other hosting companies, you should always check the ratings.

Unlike other reviews you’ll find on the Internet, these are created by technical writers who have first-hand experience with the particular web hosting company. You have to be very careful where you get the reviews from, because some companies fill the Internet with fake positive reviews. It can be very difficult to distinguish between real reviews and company advertising.

If you are looking for reviews, then look for the following warning signals:

  • Complaints about customer service
  • Complaints about downtime
  • New complaints that seem to be in a cluster
  • Complaints about viruses and other security issues

#2- No consideration of limitations

Some web hosting companies trick. They publish “unlimited” in big, thick letters, but if you dig a little deeper you will find out what “unlimited” really means.

Think of the limitations of the physical world – it is simply impossible to have unlimited semiconductors to produce unlimited RAM and CPU. It’s impossible to offer unlimited bandwidths when only limited data transmission cables are available in the world.

In the small print you will then find the information on how much bandwidth and size you can actually use before the web hosting company throttles down. This is a very important piece of information, because if your site is already using almost these limits, then you will suddenly find your site offline for an indefinite period of time.

Our limitations, which you should pay attention to:

  • No multiple POP accounts
  • No SSH
  • You cannot add statistics
  • No installation of your own software

#3- Use a free memory or a host that offers free memory

If you are just starting out, it is certainly tempting to use some servers that provide free storage. But the saying you get what you pay for is really true. If you decide for free memory, then you should understand that many other people do the same. As we have already mentioned, the capacity of servers is indeed limited.

This kind of web hosting involves serious limitations to the detriment of your business. Your site is used by the actual web host to show advertising. And the customers on your website are simply skimmed off without you earning anything. That’s not what you want.

In a shared hosting plan, you compete with other websites for the resources you pay for. But with a free hosting plan you rival now with everyone who would like to sign up, free of charge.

  • Do the free and paid websites share the same servers?
  • What happens if the free website uses too many resources? What about the paid website? Is there an option to upgrade before it is shut down?
  • Is there advertising on the free website?

#4- Choosing a new company

Some of the “best” bad deals you will ever find come from new hosting companies. They are so excited about the new company and want to convince anxious customers that they offer many fringe benefits, giveaways, software, exciting offers and great prices.

Unfortunately, their industry experience quickly catches up with them. Many of us have already been here. This new host is great for a few months. The customer service is brilliant, the loading time is great, no downtime, etc.

Then they crash against the wall. They reach the magic number X customers who can’t handle their resources anymore. The server crashes, users take advantage of all the free features and it seems like they can’t handle the situation anymore.

Yes, there is growing pain – but do you really want your website to become a victim of your website hosting company several times and the company already has a plan how to manage the next outage?

An additional point to watch out for is the technical assistance. This is really vital if you are not very good with computer technically. So, you will certainly need to depend upon the technical assistance supplied by the hosting business For that reason, you have to select one that can fix your technological trouble any time when they occur.

In conclusion, obtain a website depending upon your requirements. Bear in mind all the vital variables stated above when making your option and you must have not a problem at all. Do a study on the business you select so that you won’t come under some sort of rip-off as well as wind up being ripped off.

Lastly, choose a host that has been in business for at least a few years and offers features that can be expanded with a growing website. Your corporate image depends on the reliability and service of your web host.

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