You are in the process of creating a new or your first website and are looking for the best hosting provider for your website? We have tested for you the best known hosting providers and found our clear recommendation.

Without hosting your website can not go online on the Internet. I did the research and can now tell you that the best hosting providers are the following:

What is Web Hosting? A simple explanation

Web hosting is a service with which you can publish your website live on the Internet. Just as you need a place to live, so does your website!

A hosting provider is an organization that provides the technology you need to host your website. For convenience, servers are computers that provide web pages. They serve as storage for data that connects your site to browsers. Website builders like Wix organize the hosting for you, so you can publish your website without having to worry about hosting. In all other cases, however, you’ll need a web host to bring your site live. Fortunately, choosing your hosting provider is the hardest part – they’ll take care of the rest!

At this stage, it’s only important to understand why you need a hosting provider. Because without the server provided by a hosting provider, no one can access your site. For example, your website is sent to the user’s computer when they retrieve the address (domain) of your website.

A custom domain helps to identify your website and creates trust and recognition for your visitors! So it’s worth getting a custom domain that reflects your site and is easy to remember. Domains convert IP addresses into easily remembered words. They work like the street name and “house” number of your website.

You need a domain name and hosting if you want to run a website.

You can buy your domain name and hosting from the same provider, which simplifies administration, connection and renewal. Or you can purchase your domain elsewhere and then simply connect to the web host you choose.

For example, if you created a website in WordPress, you’ll need a hosting provider and a domain name. Without a server, no one can find your website or connect.

Which is the best hosting provider? The Ultimate Web Hosting Comparison

What are the best web hosting companies? I’ve been looking for the best hosting providers based on six factors: The types of hosting offered, help and support features, number of hosting features, value for money, storage space and availability.

All of this is critical to the success of your website. For example, uptime measures the time your site actually runs online. If a vendor has low uptime, your site has little chance of being seen by visitors. Based on this analysis, we were able to evaluate the best hosting providers on the market. The top five are:

1&1 Ionos (All domains, German provider)
Bluehost (.com Domains)
Siteground (All domains)
HostGator (.com Domains)
WebGo (All domains)

Bluehost, closely followed by Hostgator, was able to secure first place due to its wide range of hosting services, first class customer service and value for money.

How did I come to this conclusion? I rated each vendor on the six criteria, from customer support to storage space. I compared them with each other and ran tests to determine data such as uptime and calculate the price/performance ratio.

Domain names and changing your hosting provider

After you’ve secured a domain name, you don’t want to lose it anymore, do you? After all, a domain name is like a brand name.

If you already have a domain name and want to change your hosting provider, that doesn’t mean you lose your website name. With a registered domain name, you have the right to transfer the name to any location. You only have to transfer the files and data of your website (your hosting provider will help you and it’s easier than it sounds!).

Edit your domain settings and forward them to your new hosting provider. Think of your domain name as your phone number: You can move the network provider, but keep your number. In the same way, you can move the hosting provider, but keep the domain name.

How much does web hosting cost?

A big part of “What is hosting?” is the question “How much does hosting cost?

This is hard to answer – it’s not like asking how much a can of cola costs. Your hosting bill depends heavily on your provider and the plan you choose: The better the plan, the more expensive your monthly hosting will be. Appropriate shared hosting packages usually start at only 2-10 Euros per month.

For example, Bluehost’s Basic plan costs only $3.95 per month – that’s less than a Starbucks latte. If your site needs more hosting firepower, you can expect to pay at least $50.00 or more per month for a dedicated plan. For example, WPEngine’s hosting program costs $115 per month. Some dedicated server pricing plans exceed $2,000 per month. However, only large Web sites or established brands require an advanced dedicated hosting program.

Between Shared and Dedicated Hosting, you’ll need to reckon with Virtual Private Server (VPS) packages between $20 and $50 per month. Confused about dedicated and shared hosting? Are you wondering which web hosting service is right for you? Stay tuned, we’ll deal with that next.

Shared web hosting

What is Shared Hosting? As the name suggests, they use the same server as a number of other websites (they are a bit like roommates). Since the server is split, this is the cheapest hosting method on the market.

The main disadvantage is that the performance of your website can be affected by the websites you share a server with. If they consume too many technical resources, your website may slow down.

Your hosting provider will monitor this to make sure each site gets the most out of this plan. This is one of the reasons why it is important to choose a good provider so that you can be confident that your site’s plan is well managed.