In order for Internet users to be able to reach your homepage later, it must be connected to the Internet. The so-called web hosting package from a web hoster or web hosting provider takes over this connection.

A web hosting package offers you storage space on the Internet where you can store your homepage. This storage space is available 24 hours a day and is an indispensable building block on your way to your own Internet presence.

If you search Google for the keyword “Webhosting”, you will be killed by over 9 million search results. It’s difficult to choose the right provider or web hosting package.

In this 1st lesson of the guide, I will show you what you have to consider when choosing your web hosting package, which web hosting provider is recommended and which package you should choose to start with.

What do you have to consider when choosing a webhosting package?
The choice of the web hosting package always depends on your project and should be chosen accordingly.

In our project we will create a homepage with the help of the content management system WordPress. For this we need a webhosting package, which meets the following requirements:

PHP version 5.2.4 or higher
MySQL database version 5.0 or higher
The providers and packages presented below all meet this requirement. Even in the smallest package version.

The choice of the webhosting provider

Before you can decide on a web hosting package, you have to choose a web host. There are many webhosters, I recommend the following three:


I am personally at 1und1 and can recommend this webhoster to you without any restrictions. The support is great, the administration interface for the webhosting package is very clear, the performance is top and there are many small additional features that make this provider very tempting.

Of course you can also choose another webhosting provider. With the other two providers, you can do just as little wrong. But if none of the three providers can really convince you, then please consider the following points when searching for a webhosting provider:

Do not choose a free web hosting provider.

Choose a web hosting provider that has been on the market for a long time.
Don’t be blinded by rock-bottom prices. The packages we offer may not include all the features we need.

The three points mentioned are important because they can save you a lot of trouble. With free web hosting providers or those that have not been on the market for a long time, there is a high risk that the service may be discontinued. This means for you that you have to move your homepage to another provider and I can tell you: This is not fun!

Which webhosting package is recommended for the first time?

I just assume that you followed my advice and chose the webhosting provider 1und1. Very good choice!

Why 1und1 ?

Because 1und1 offers special packages that are optimized for running a homepage with WordPress. So exactly the content management system with which we will create our homepage in lesson 3.

This does not mean that you have to cancel this guide if you have chosen another provider. The installation of WordPress will be a bit more complicated.

Now it’s about choosing the right webhosting package. 1und1 offers you 3 different packages optimized for WordPress:

WP Basic
WP Unlimited
WP Unlimited Plus

For your first own homepage, the webhosting package WP Basic for 6,99 € per month is the best choice. It has everything we need for our project and even room for another homepage.

Here are the advantages of the package at a glance:

2 domains, which are included in the price.
50 GB storage space (quite sufficient!).
100 available email inboxes.
Fulfils all technical requirements for the operation of WordPress.
Very easy installation of WordPress.
Daily backups so that none of your data gets lost.

How to choose the perfect web hosting?

Web hosting offerings are abundant these days and they vary in many different details. To make sure you don’t lose track, we have put together five main criteria for you to choose from.

5 things to consider when choosing a web hosting:

Webspace – Do you intend to run a personal blog or online shop with hundreds of products? In the latter case, you should at least look for an unlimited webspace.

Storage space for emails – Similar to the first point, you would have to assume your intentions with the web pages here. Find out if your data is backed up regularly and if it can be easily restored if needed.

Security level – make sure your data is stored on branded servers, ideally in multiple independent data centers. This makes your data secure and you don’t have to worry about failures if the disks fail in one of the data centers. Also see if you have reliable anti-virus and anti-spam protection.

Content Management System – A content management system that makes it easy to create websites without programming skills is often an integral part of hosting packages. Find out whether you can operate an editorial system free of charge on web hosting. Some of the best known editorial systems are WordPress, Drupal a Joomla.

Technical support – should ideally be offered non-stop and in your native language, so that you can solve possible problems with your services at any time.

Make sure that you order your web hosting from a reliable provider with experience in the industry, one who can assist you when you need them.


If you want to create your own homepage, you need a webhosting package from an established webhosting provider. This allows visitors to reach your homepage on the Internet and by choosing the right provider, you will save yourself future trouble.

The web hosting package must of course be chosen according to your project. As soon as a content management system is used to create a homepage, the package must support PHP and you must be able to create MySQL databases.

As a webhosting provider, I can recommend 1und1 without a guilty conscience. You can’t do anything wrong with this provider. But you can also choose another one.

The perfect webhosting package for our project is the “WP Basic” package from 1und1. It fulfills all requirements and there are even 2 domains included in the price. This has the big advantage that there are no additional costs for the domain and you can continue immediately with the right web hosting package.